Xilica RIO R22 WP X

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Xilica offers extensive support for the networking technology in its range. For example, the Rio Series of Dante-enabled I/O interfaces can be used to provide additional flexibility not only for Dante-enabled Neutrino-N processor models, but also as standalone interface devices with other Dante-enabled brands.

When the Rio Series is used in conjunction with Dante-enabled Xilica processors, the user has the advantage of being able to configure and manage all Dante devices from within the Xilica Designer software, removing the need to also use the Dante Controller software.

At the present time the Rio Series features six interface models. The newest Rio models include the R22-P, R44-P, R22-WP-X, and R22-WP-M models, which join the original Rio R1616-N and R1616-NX models. All models provide bi-directional Dante network audio transport – analog audio input, conversion, and transport over network cable and Dante network audio to analog audio breakout.

Available with a number of mounting options, the R22-P (2×2 I/O) and R44-P (4×4 I/O) models are 1/4 rack chassis size Dante interface devices. The front panel of both models provides Dip switch selection of Mic or Line input and 48V Phantom power on a per input basis, as well as an RJ45 Dante network audio connector with power and network status LEDs.

The rear of each model provides two or four analogue audio outputs on 3.5mm Euro connectors and a 12VDC external power supply connection. The external power supply is included, although it is also possible to power the device using PoE.

Elsewhere in the range, the R22-WP-X and R22-WP-M models are 2×2 analogue / 2×2 Dante I/O interface panels on a 2 gang sized flush or surface mount wall plate (surface mount back box included). The R22-WP-X wall plate model provides XLR analogue I/O connections only, while the R22-WP-M model provides a mix of XLR, dual RCA (L+R), and stereo 3.5mm (L+R) analogue I/O connections. Both models can be powered with a PoE switch or router, or via the included external power supply.

Finally, the R1616-N is a full size, 1RU, 19“rack-mount Dante interface providing 16×16 I/O channels of Dante network audio and 16×16 I/O channels of analogue audio on Phoenix connectors, with the R1616-NX model being 2RU in height and providing XLR I/O connections.

Taken as a whole, the Rio range makes it possible to support even the most complex Dante-based network environment with ease.

Allows for additional Dante I/O capabilities, and provides standalone input potential for Xilica and non-Xilica manufactured products
Drive BYOD in the workplace or campus with remote plug-and-play I/O solutions such as Rio's low-cost wall-plates
Create customised I/O endpoints in multiple rooms, allowing Dante-enabled loudspeakers, recorders and amplifiers to facilitate expansion and overflow capabilities
Massively increase I/O count with the Rio stage-box - perfect for installations handling challenging live sound requirements, or large conferences/broadcast events

Euroblock/Phoenix I/O XLR I/O XLR, RCA, 3.5MM I/O
2x2 I/O Dante>Analog R22-P
4x4 I/O Dante>Analog R44-P
2x2 I/O Analog>Dante R22-WP-X R22-WP-M
16x16 I/O R1616 R1616-NX

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