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Roland VR-3EX

All-in-one AV Mixer with built-in USB port for Web Streaming and Recording
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The Roland VR-3EX is the next generation 4-channel SD performance mixer which features HDMI inputs/outputs, USB streaming, HDCP support, built-in touch multi-viewer, an audio mixer all in a compact portable unit.Designed to be a live production switcher thebuilt-in audio mixer with up to 4 frames delay to “lipsync” your video source. Scaling on the output allows you to output up to 1080p HD Video and Audio quality. See the current VR-3EX Streaming Software Compatibility list for more information on streaming software compatibility.

Main Features

HDMI & Composite Inputs
Standard Definition 16:9 Mixing Engine
Scaled Output up to 1080p
Advanced 18 Channel Audio Mixer
USB 2.0 for 480i Streaming
2.5” Multiview Preview Monitor
Pnp, Key and Video Effects
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