RDL TP-BN14 - Networked Mic Input and Selectable Monitor Station

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Networked Mic Input and Selectable Monitor Station

Microphone to Network Section
Converts a Standard Mic Source to a Dante Network Channel
Mute Button Toggles Output On and Off or Provides Momentary Muting
No User or Installer Gain Adjustments are Required
Automatic Microphone Gain of 40 dB for Condenser Mics and 60 dB for Dynamic Mics
P48 Phantom is Provided on the Microphone Input
40 dB per Octave at 100 Hz Low-Cut Filter Set by Installer

Network to Headphone Section
Selection from 3 or 4 Mono Dante Network Sources to a Stereo Headphone
Single-Button Selection for Each Source with LED Indication
Upper Button Selects “OFF” or Speaker Source, Set by Installer
Output on Professional Quality 3.5 mm Stereo MINI Jack
Display is Bright During Selection, Dims After Selection
Front-Panel Output Level Control

Network to Speaker Section
2 Watt RMS Audio Amplifier
Compressor/Limiter Prevents Clipping
Amplifier Gain Adjustment is Accessible through the Chassis Bottom - Set by the Installer

Adjustment and Switch Settings on the Chassis Bottom are Set by the Installer
High Resolution 24 Bit Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Conversion
LED Indicators Show Network Sync Status
Normal or Hot-Standby Operation from PoE

The TP-BN14 is a bidirectional Dante network interface for tabletop use. The unit provides a shock-mounted XLR microphone input with a mute button. A front-panel 2W amplified speaker provides monitoring of a specific audio mix.

The TP-BN14 provides a front-panel headphone Mini Jack with an associated four input source selector. LEDs associated with the input buttons indicate the selected source.

The front panel level control is a long-life potentiometer controlling a VCA. Audio does not pass through this control, assuring years of noise free level adjustment. The output amplifiers drive high or low impedance headphones delivering more than 90 mW into 100 Ohms. The headphone output may be used to listen to different language translations.

The TP-BN14 may be powered from a 24 Vdc power supply, available separately, or from PoE. It is used in meeting halls, conference rooms or courtrooms.

Network Connector:
RJ45 Ethercon style
Digital Audio Ethernet Protocol:
Transmission Rate:
100 Mbps
Sample Rates Supported:
44.1 kHz, 48 kHz (default)
Bit Depth Supported:
24 bits
Audio Operating Levels:
-20 dBFS = +4 dBu
Mic Input to Network Interface Section
Balanced, XLR
Automatic; 40 dB for condenser mics, 60 dB for dynamic mics
Input Level for +4 dBu (-20 dBFS):
-56 dBu (dynamic), -36 dBu maximum; -36 dBu (condenser), -19 dBu maximum (unclipped), -14 dBu maximum (soft clipped)
Input Impedance:
> 1 kΩ
Phantom Power:
P48, 48 Vdc
Standard for Phantom:
IEC 61938: 2013
Frequency Response:
20 Hz to 20 kHz (± 0.75 dB) flat; with low cut filter: -1.5 dB @ 100 Hz, -8 dB @ 80 Hz, -38 dB @ 50 Hz, -60 dB @ 20 Hz
< 0.1%
Noise below +4 dBu (-20 dBFS):
< -70 dB
> 70 dB (50 Hz to 120 Hz)
Mute Button Toggles Mic On or Off
Network to Headphone Output Section
Selectors (4):
Momentary pushbuttons (1 for each channel); Upper Button Selects “OFF” or Speaker Source, Set by Installer
Indicators (4):
Green LEDs, (indicates channel selected)
Level adjustment:
Single-turn front-panel rotary level control
Stereo mini jack, 90 mW per channel (into 100 ohms), Mono source
Frequency Response:
20 Hz to 20 kHz (+0, -3 dB, into 100 Ohms)
< 0.2% (1 kHz, 10 mW)
< -70 dB (below 10 mW with a -18 dBFS input)
Network to Speaker Output Section
Output power:
2 Watts RMS
Frequency Range:
150 Hz to 20 kHz, nominal
Indicators (8):
Headphone channel selected (4); Mic muted, Network Sync, Ethernet Link and Speed (2)
Power Connections (2):
Power Jack; PoE
Ambient Operating Environment:
0° C to 40° C
Power Requirement:
24 Vdc @ 300 mA, or PoE
Class 0, IEEE 802.3af
6.95" (17.7 cm) W; 2.85" (7.24 cm) H; 7" (17.8 cm) D
Package Type:
Cardboard Box
Package Dimensions:
7 x 7 x 3 in.
Shipping Weight:
3.26 lbs.
WEEE weight:
2.97 lbs.
Tariff code:

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