RCF CR 2628

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Stahlschrank mit 28HE sowie temperaturgesteuerter Lüfter

Stahlschrank mit 28HE sowie temperaturgesteuerter Lüfter

The CR 2600 series rack enclouseres are designed to hold all RCF 19" rack standard components.
The rack enclosures are bake-painted at high temperature using epoxy powders to make the structure unalterable over timeand resistant to scratching, abrasion, and atmospheric agents.
The CR 2600 SERIES rack enclosures are composed of a basic structure that is assembled simply and quickly by fitting and securing four steel uprights to the upper and lower panels.


Constructed in compliance with the IEC 297-2 dimensional standard
The structure is made of steel painted RAL 7035 light grey
The protection level is IP 30
The lower door and side panels are fitted following the wiring operations to facilitate the insertion and connection of the components
The earthing of the rack complies with current safety regulations
Front doors are also available, which are useful for to protect the components installed in the rack
3 blowers turn on due to the activation command of a thermostat included

Type: 19" Rack cabinet
Unit: 28 U
Max load: 320 / 705.46 Kg/Lbs
Thermal Dissipation 25 °C: 3280 W
Thermal Dissipation 35 °C: 2160 W
Colour: RAL 7035
Protection level: IP 30
Air flow volume ventilation kit: 300 m3/h

Model: AK 2628 (Code 173.60.029)
Type: Frontal door with safety glass
Weight: 14 / 30.86 Kg/Lbs

Height: 1600 / 62.99 mm/inch
Width: 600 / 23.62 mm/inch
Depth: 600 / 23.62 mm/inch
Net Weight: 54 / 119.05 Kg/Lbs

Package height: / mm/inch
Package width: / mm/inch
Package depth: / mm/inch
Shipping Weight: 73.5 / 162.03 Kg/Lbs

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