Audac CANTO5.4/W

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4 x CENA506 + COM104 White version

The CANTO5.4 set is composed of the CENA506 full range ceiling speakers with borderless grill design. The CENA506 provides a clear and intelligible sound, suited for versatile 100 Volt background music and announcement systems. Powered by a COM104 amplifier, great flexibility for connecting sources and microphones is offered. This system, using four CENA506 speakers, can cover areas of around 100 m².


Easy to use
Versatile solution
Connection flexibility
Borderless grill design


CANTO5.4/W - White version
Products in CANTO5.4/W
4 x CENA506/W - White version - 8Ω and 100V
1 x COM104 - Public Address Amplifier 40W 100V
CANTO5.4/B - Black version
Products in CANTO5.4/B
1 x COM104 - Public Address Amplifier 40W 100V
4 x CENA506/B - Black version - 8Ω and 100V

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